An ensemble of techniques for exchanging cybersecurity information


What is CYBEX?

Cybex is a set of techniques enabling security information exchange on networks. It is necessary to exchange cybersecurity information beyond the borders of organizations, countries, continents, and even languages to cope with the increasing cyber threats.This problem is increasingly recognized by various parties, and various industry activities are found. To facilitate and advance such activities, a framework coordinating and incorporating information exchange was established. That is CYBEX, and its overview is described in Recommendation ITU-T X.1500. Note that CYBEX itself provides high-level descriptions, and concrete techniques are researched by individual organizations

Most of the contents in this site is in Japanese since you can find information on CYBEX in English elsewhere. For those of you who would like to know more on CYBEX, below are some of the pointers we are providing in English.

We are working on a cybersecurity information discovery mechanism. Its proof-of-concept implementation is available here.

One important technique that expedites information exchange among organizations is cybersecurity information discovery mechanism, which identifies and locates the sources of cybersecurity information. That mechanism links various cybersecurity information available over the Internet so that more users can access them. We have been working on the specific technique.

We are currently submitting an academic paper to an international conference. When the paper is accepted, the details will be described here. If you wish to obtain the source code, please contact us via email. Note that the software is developed on Eclipse environment using Java.

Below are the snapshots of the software.